In 2003 Tami received her doula training from the Seattle Midwifery School. Since then she has had the joy of serving numerous women and their partners through labor and childbirth, at home, in hospitals, and at birth centers.

She most enjoys working with women that attend her yoga classes regularly. There is an extraordinary relationship that gets established in yoga and an authentic level of trust.

Tami believes in the wisdom of women’s bodies. Her wish as a doula is to assist women in connecting with this innate clarity & strength.

Women will always remember the day their baby was born. Tami’s intention is to assist in nurturing a positive birth experience & sacred memory.

Birth is a transformative process as women become mothers. Having support is essential as one goes through this process. Tami feels blessed to have given birth to her son safely at home with the compassionate encouragement of a doula.

This has deepened her commitment to offer this gift to others.

I attended Tami’s yoga retreat in India for New Year, and have got to say not only was the teaching brilliant, the energy of the group that Tami facilitated was really special.  It is one of the best New Year’s celebrations I have ever experienced.  Tami has a gift for teaching and can teach all levels from beginners through to advanced.  I was actually recovering from knee surgery and the week of yoga and fun has moved my progress on rapidly.

Karen, London