Tami was first introduced to Ayurveda in 1999 and was deeply inspired to learn all that she could about this ancient system of health care. Over the years she has integrated Ayurvedic practices into her life and has experienced profound benefits.

In 2005 Tami took her first trip to India and felt fortunate to find a renowned Ayurvedic doctor to apprentice with. She completed a program at his center, Prajna Kuteera in Mysore. In 2009 she graduated the Kerala Ayurveda Academy Wellness Counselor Program and completed an Ayurvedic massage course in Goa India at Rasovai. Tami has developed and teaches an “Ayurveda for Yogis” curriculum for Yoga Teacher Training programs and seasonal healing workshops. She weaves Ayurvedic philosophy into her yoga classes and is seen regularly by clients for wellness consultations.

Ayurveda is often referred to as Yoga’s “sister science” and like yoga, the teachings of Ayurveda offer daily practices & routines that bring health & balance to the body, mind & consciousness. In sanskrit the word “Ayurveda” means “the science of life” It is said to be the world’s oldest & most comprehensive system of healthcare dating back 5000 years.

According to Ayurvedic philosophy all of creation is composed of 5 great elements which are: Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. We are an intimate reflection of everything in the universe and are composed of these 5 elements. Yatha Pinde Tatha Bramhande – “As is the microcosm so is the macrocosm.” We are not separate from nature. When we separate ourselves, chaos begins.

The 5 elements refine into 3 types of energy or functional principles known as “doshas” these are Vata, Pitta, & Kapha. Each dosha represents 3 sets of physical traits & mental tendencies that combine at conception to form the foundation of our individual constitution. In the physical body, vata is the subtle energy of movement, pitta the energy of digestion & metabolism, and kapha the energy that forms the body’s lubrication & structure. By learning about the doshas we discover our strengths, weaknesses & our individual nature. This wisdom guides us to make appropriate lifestyle choices to maintain health and restore vital energy when out of balance. The ultimate aim of Ayurveda is to live life expansively rising to our fullest potential by harmonizing ourselves with nature’s seasons and rhythmic cycles.

Ayurveda provides us with tools and practices that serve our constitution. These include: daily routine, nutrition, massage, yoga, meditation, herbs, rejuvenation programs and seasonal cleanses. Ayurvedic wisdom connects us back to our innate intelligence resulting in harmony, self healing & longevity.

Tami’s style is understated and nurturing — yet notably powerful. she led me to discover my own practice, my own heart and myself. in the clearest and most natural way, her teachings guided me to develop a practice that went far beyond the poses and allowed me to unleash the courage to try my best everyday to live my truth, in a safe, joy-filled way, i truly believe yoga changed my life.

Lindsay US